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International projects

International projects are implemented under the Lifelong Learning (Lifelong Learning Programme).

List of international projects:

Project Name Programme End project
Di-XL LLP 31.10.2014
HEALTHY SENIOR GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships 31.7.2014
PROACT LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation 31.10.2014
PRODEV LLP 30.09.2011
Seniors in Action LLP Grundtvig Partnership 31.07.2011
Light Me Up LLP 31.12.2009
R. E. W. I. N. II Socrates – Grundtvig 2 31.07.2008
CSO - TEAA Europe Aide 22.12.2007
R. E. W. I. N. Socrates – Grundtvig 2 31.07.2007



KA4 Multilateral Project

Project ID: 531194-LLP-1-2012-1LV-KA4-KA4MP

Project duration: 1. 1. 2012- 31. 10. 2014

Project partners: National Library of Latvia (LT)
Baltic Bright (LT)
Action Synergy (GR)
Sedukon, o.p.s. (CZ)
Belegrade City Library (RS)
Social Innovation Fund (LI)
National Technical Library (CZ)
Web address:

Project description:

Di-XL project aims to create a robust model of dissemination and exploitation of Lifelong Learning project results through libraries. Di-XL stands for Dissemination, Exploitation, Libraries. Libraries are ready to be more active in lifelong learning. With a large number of users and visitors and infrastructure they can serve as a gateway to millions of individuals, to social groups and institutions. At the same time, many valuable education resources, methodologies and other outputs have been created by Lifelong Learning projects. Projects are completed in 2-3 years, but libraries can be permanent channels for promoting these results, transmitting them to users.



Project partners: Sedukon, o.p.s. (CZ)
Kuusankosken Retkeilijat ry. (FI)
50-Plus Hellas (EL)
Associacao PROSAS Projecto Senior de Artes e Saberes de Sines (PT)
Dobre roky 50+ (SK)

GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships

Project ID: 12-Pp-GRU-011

Project duration: 1. 8. 2012 – 31. 7. 2014

Project description:

Prospective partners are adult education organizations from Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey, which focus on 50+ learners. The Partnership we want to form meets the expectations of the Active Aging Year 2012 as it is prepared by seniors and for seniors. The partners coordinate educational activities for their 50+ members and wider public and want to exchange experience and learn from each other about various aspects of senior citizens’ physical and mental well-being (art, music, sports, eating habits, alternative medicine, and mental disorders in seniors but also volunteering activities as part of seniors’ social inclusion.


PROfessional development of the ACTors involved in the social economy sector

LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation

Project ID: 2012-1-FR1-LEO05-34257

Project duration: 1. 10. 2012 – 31. 10. 2014

Contact information:,

Project partners: Init Developments Ltd. (Germany)
Institut de Formation et d'Appui aux Initiatives de Développement (France)
Sedukon, o. p. s. (Czech Republic)
MCG Manager Consulting Group Soc. Coop. (Italy)
Conversas de rua – Association (Portugal)
OAKE Associates (United Kingdom)
Web address:

Project description:

In Europe, the social economy sector is increasingly playing a more important role in the social and economic lives of its citizens. However this sector is largely composed of lots of small size organisations with employees/volunteers and managers with little or few experience regarding the management and professional development of their organisation required to meet new expectations. The professional development of this sector is therefore very important and needed in order to strengthen current jobs and create new ones.

PROACT seeks to respond to and address these problems and needs The project aims to develop and support the acquisition of knowledge and key competences at work for 35 social economy workers (employees, volunteers and managers) from 35 different European organisations (in IT, FR, CZ, PT and UK) in order to better manage and to strengthen their organisations. This will create a transferable set of learning approaches that can be then applied across the social economy sector.

Our approach will be on a training methodology that is not a theoretical but a very concrete training fully adapted to each beneficiary. Training will be carried out in real work situations in order to improve its effectiveness with learners applying their training in their own organisations. A new transferable EU learning product is developed to meet the needs of the Social Economy sector.



Project Management for Community Development Workers

Project partners: IFAID Aquitaine (Franceú
Tk Formazione Srl (Italy)
Cooperativa Cramar (Italy)
Sedukon, o. p. s. (Czech Republic)
Regional Opleidingen Centrum Albena College (Neetherland)
Conversas de rua - Association (Portugal)
APRES (Schwitzerland)
Web address:

Project description:

Project is addressed to community development workers (CDWs). For a variety of different reasons the number of Community Development Workers (CDWs) in Europe has increased and many CDWs have never been trained in project management. However their role requires them to devise and implement projects.

The interest and specific nature of this project is the way it aims to provide training to CDWs, helping them to manage a project in their own professional context. Target group is community development workers.

Project aims:

  • Support the participants in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications in the field of project management to facilitate personal development.
  • Support improvements in quality and innovation within vocational education and training systems, institutions and practices by presenting an innovative training module, in which trainees are in a professional situation, to the other vocational training centres.
  • Enhance the attractiveness of vocational education and training by proposing and presenting a new training programme to employers of CDWs, fully adapted to the professional needs of their employees.


  • Manual for trainers of project management.
  • CDWs training in partner countries, that are directly related to the content and information contained in training manuals.
  • Internet blog for the trainers.
  • Internet blog for the learners.
  • Project website (see above).


Competecies for Seniors in Action

The project aim is to create strong partnership ready to efficient an offer of the solution for qualification and competences by expansion of the capacity a work structure of older people, to create considerable activities in their communities at European level.

Project partners: XIBO Center (Romania)
SEDUKON, o. p. s. (Czech republic)
LEAM Développement et Gestion de Projets (France)
Hungarian Telecottage Association (Hungary)
AGORA – Associazione Culturale (Italy)
Joniškio rajono švietimo centras (Lithuania)
Krośnieński Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku (Poland)
Akdeniz Üniversitesi Elmali Meslek Yüksek Okulu (Turkey)
Arber Enterprises Ltd. (Great Britain)
Web address: not available

Project description:

Ageing has a significant impact to the social perception of human, despite of this older people are still placed in a disadvantaged positions. In their effort to keep a balance for the situation, the NGOs which assumed missions on this matter have to face the lack of funds and the isolation from other contacts that could nurture their need of learning and exchange experiences

The project aims creates a strong partnership to offer solutions to building up capacities of the organization structure and achieving a higher activity and efficiency of elderly person in their communities at the European level.

The target group members are employees of non-governmental organizations working with elderly people. Target group contains of NGOs or other structures working with older people.


  • Training PC courses, fundraising, writing and implementing project (introduction of the Grundtvig Programme) and foreign language courses.
  • Stimulate the cooperation between the target organizations: participation in the international meetings and workshops organized within the project – opportunities to establish contacts, discover cultural values, define common domain of interest, identifying a team building and sharing experiences.
  • The main project result shows the draft of a new international project created by the target groups, underlying the force of involvement of older people in community-level actions and wider.


Light Me UP

Project partners: KU TU Ltd. (Bulgaria)
SEDUKON o. p. s. (Czech republic)
URCA – Université de Reims Champagne - Ardenne (France)
Synthesis Center for Research and Education Ltd.(Cyprus)
Soros International House (Lithuania)
Pressure Line V. O. F. (Netherlands)
Stichting rotterdamu Volksuniversiteit (Netherlands)
Drugestvo „ZNANIE“ – Sofie (Bulgaria)
Web address:

Project Description:

The project Light Me Up uses the goals of LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) to provide education in foreign languages. Nowadays people are traveling because of the work, experiences or education and they face up with needs of communication in foreign language, what motivated them for additional attainments.

The project is based on interactive methods to gain general knowledge of foreign languages through support materials regards to traveling. Aim of the whole project is increasing awareness less-used foreign languages in the frame of European Union. It means following languages: Bulgarian, Dutch, Czech, Greek and Lithuanian.

The target group is consists of pupils, students, adults and travel agencies.

Project aims:

  • Increase awareness about five European languages – Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Greek and Lithuanian.
  • Promoting advantages of education in the field of languages and motivation of target group to education (pupils, students, adults, who travel to abroad).
  • Creating user-friendly environment of education.
  • Providing information about foreign language, culture and partner country.
  • Creating disseminated channels to promote project objectives through a travel agency.


  • Methodology – references for development of education activities and products necessary to obtain basics knowledge.
  • Language package – self-study thematic multimedia product providing information about relevant themes.
  • Visual learning package – product oriented to learning.
  • Web pages – will contain exercises through games.
  • Workshops
  • Open courses – 10 hours learning course focused on learning of foreign languages, which is main object of the project.


R. E. W. I. N. & R. E. W. I. N. II

Reconciliation of working life and family for women

Projects partners: TiKappa Formazione Srl. (Italy)
IFAID – Institut of Training and Support for Development Initiatives (France)
SEDUKON o. p. s. (Czech republic)
Development Projects (Malta)
The Foundation for the Preuniversity Education of Handicraft Cooperatives „Spiru Haret“ Baia Mare (Romania)
Studies, projects and linguistic assessmnet, S. L. (Spain)
Web address:

Project description:

The project was focused on the experience exchange and best practices regards to activities and strategies to support a harmony between work and family women’s life. The project has been concerned with aspects analysis and problems linked to the adult women education aimed on support of harmonization professional and family activities. Project aims were focused to deal with equal opportunities, women’s needs and flexible and family work environment provided by employers and public authorities.

Project aims:

Support exchange of intercultural experiences with the reconciliation between work and family life for women through new strategies to find balance between education, occupation and family.

Elaborate the manual including “toolkit” of strategies for harmonization.

Evaluation of best practices regards to reconciliation of professional and family life on national and international levels.


  • Exchange of experiences between women, stakeholders and involved partners through information and telecommunication technologies (ICT).
  • Summary of women’s testimonies from each country about their professional and family life.
  • Elaboration of new approaches to stimulate and support of adult education, development of strategic tools for law-makers, women and other stakeholders.
  • Creating a virtual forums providing user-friendly environment of education, offering support and access to relevant training and learning materials.
  • Evaluation of results (manual, web pages, seminars and final conferences).



The Civil Society Organisation in Bulharka and Romania: On the Way Towards a Europe for All Ages

Project partners: Znanie Association (Bulgaria)
SREP (Romania)
IIZ DVV (Bulgaria)
IIZ DVV (Romania)
SEDUKON (Czech republic)
Web address:

Project Description:

The project is focusing to improve the capacity of the Non-governmental organization (NGO) in Bulgaria and Romania for responding the questions of “active ageing”: the activities concerning areas such as work life balance, family policies, social integration of older people, and the role of the EU NGOs in the processes of demographic changes in a successful way. Project target group were NGOs in Bulgaria and Romania, who are interested in to the developing activities and policies regarding to mentioned Civil Society sector. The indirect target group, were citizens in Bulgaria and Romania over age 50, who has obtained benefit due to the increased activities of the NGOs.

ílovými skupinami projektu byly neziskové organizace v Bulharsku a Rumunsku, které se podílejí na rozvoji aktivit a politik týkajících se zmíněného veřejného sektoru. Nepřímou skupinou pak byli bulharští a rumunští občané starší 55 let, kteří z rostoucích aktivit neziskových organizací benefitovali.


The main activities covered local and national researches relating to the topic, NO networks activating to participate in active ageing in Bulgaria and Romania, workshops and seminars for improving their capacity, establishing contacts with EU NGOs and networks active in the area, and creating partnership and cooperation by web platform, occasion for potential projects partnership, and possible establishment of new NGO structures. The activities also covered wide publicity occupation, and involves older citizens in the active way.


  • 29.9.2014PROACT newsletter 2
  • The final conference of the PROACT project was held in Bordeaux. You can find more information about this conference in a report below. Please download here.

  • 17.7.2014PROACT newsletter
  • Project PROACT has issued its first Newsletter. Inside you can find general information about the project as well as project updates. Please download here.

  • 15.3.2014ProAct partners Meeting in Ostrava
  • There was held a project partners meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic, 10th – 11th March 2014. Goal of the project is to transfer French methodology DLA to the other countries participating in ProAct. The DLA methodology is the tool for diagnosis of NGOs and strengthening their management. The aim of meeting in Ostrava was to evaluate what was done so far and mainly to discuss the plan for following months. These are going to be crucial for the project as the trainings and sessions with NGOs are starting. NGOs will have chance to evaluate their organisation and get professional help with strengthening their internal processes and management. At the end of training, each of the organisations will get the certificate which confirms their participation in the ProAct project. Another main topic of this meeting was the final conference, which will take place in September 2014 in Boerdaux. At the conference, there will participate not only project partner organisations but also local National Agency, city representatives and other NGOs from the region. For those there will be prepared several workshops.

  • 7.1.2014Training of methodology in project PRoAct
  • ProAct project meeting was held in Bordeaux, France 7th – 11th October. Its purpose was to pass the methodology of diagnostic tool from French partner to others. This tool is also one of the main outcomes of this project. The main aim of this meeting was to introduce and show the work with an innovative diagnostic tool to other members of partnership who are to implement it later in their own countries. DLA methodology was developed in order to improve work efficiency and management in non-profit organizations due to their mission and also to teach NGO’s managers how to adapt to ongoing contextual changes. The cornerstone of the methodology is a diagnostic tool mentioned above which has the form of a detailed questionnaire. Consultants are able to detect the current state of the institution and on its basis then create a set of recommendations to improve the situation. These are then passed to the representatives of the organisation and also explained during personal consultations. Within the five-day meeting French partners presented the entire methodology to the rest of partnership and partners also could try it out in two local non-profit organisations. A great contribution to the understanding of the process was also examples of good practise presented by people from non-profit organisations, which in the past were helped by DLA.

  • 30.9.2011At this place we would like to inform you about the termination of international project PRODEV: Project Management for Community Development workers. The main objective of this project was to design and implement the training courses for community development workers both in the Czech Republica and in other European countries. More detailed information and project outputs you can find at project web site

  • 31.5.2011On 31. 5. 2011 in the frame of project All Colors of Rainbow was realized two games in the SVČ Tymy Všetuly and Children and Youth House Uherský Brod. The main aim of these games was to improve communication skills of children and to contribute self-knowing in the group and understanding of reciprocity and individual diversity.

  • 19.5.2011On 19.5. 2011 in the frame of project Multicultural Education has been started fourth cycle of seminars and games within the topic of refugees in the Czech Republic. First lecture was realized for pupils of 9th class in primary school ZŠ Ohrada Vsetín. On 24. 5. was the lecture and project day in primary school ZŠ UNESCO Uherské Hradiště.
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