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Private sector

AGORA – Associazione Culturale (Italy)

AGORA is a cultural association aimed to promote active citizenship, equal opportunities and social integration through lifelong learning. Association pays particular attention to people with disabilities, older people and unemployed.

Currently, the association works with local committee to support the coastal areas, environment and tourism in the area Ispica along with the Red Cross.

Association is working with older people who often suffer from social exclusion due to rapid technological change and internationalization.

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ČSŽ – Český Svaz Žen (Czech republic)

Czech Women's Union is a non-governmental women's organization with broad membership base. Works on a voluntary basis at various levels across the political spectrum and for the benefit and interests of women and their rights.

It deals with issues that relate to the status of women in society, especially women in the labor market, problems of women living in rural areas, etc. It focuses on promising projects dealing with issues reconciling work and family life. Is the initiator of discussions in the "hot topics" that are the center of interest and not for the women.

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Humanitas – Profes o. p. s. (Czech republic)

The mission and goal of this non-profit, non-governmental society is conducive to the civic, democratic, multi-ethnic and multicultural sensibilities of most citizens of our society.

Activities addressing to the general public, although primarily intended for teachers, educators and students.

These objectives are trying to meet the company organizing conferences, seminars, courses, issuing publications and all the technical and financial cooperation, of course, both domestic and foreign partners.

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Hungarian Telecottage Association (Hungary)

The Association was founded as a civic association in 1995 to disseminate information on telecottage and to help start the new ones. This initiative received the support of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Program for democracy. A current objective is to assist the association with the operation of the existing telecottages and further developed.

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IFAID - Institut of Training and Support for Development Initiatives (France)

IFAID actives in the field of vocational training focused mainly on the development in France, local and regional development and international development.

Fields of activities of the institution are as follows:

  • Projects support, programs and structures, including the voluntary sector,
  • Promotion of technical knowledge and skills, and
  • Strengthening the performance of bodies and organizations that are focused on human development.

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IRP – Institut Rozvoje podnikání s. r. o. (Czech republic)

It is a consultative, advisory, training and re-organization, which provides its services especially to those interested in business start-ups and established small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises and companies, individuals and institutions wishing to improve their market position, municipalities, regional authorities and institutions, international and supranational institutions, supporting entrepreneurship.

Provides a comprehensive and complementary services merger advisory and training activities, monitors market needs and accordingly adjusts its business strategy.

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Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (IIZ/DVV) Regional Office Romania & Bulgaria

The Institute is aimed to support design and implementation of programs in adult education. Activities of the organization are directed to areas of education, environmental education and democratization. Particular attention is paid to the objectives and criteria relating to the fight against poverty and empowering women in society.

Professional and practical objectives of IIZ / DVV are:

  • Increase revenue disadvantaged groups,
  • Inclusion of persons in employment and
  • Strengthening cooperation.

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KU TU Ltd. (Bulgaria)

KU TU is a private company specialized in providing advertising services, which include planning, proposing and project implementation to clients such as travel agencies, embassies, real estate agencies, educational centers and organizations, banks, building society etc. An integral components are planning and organizing events.

The company also has experiences in managing and executing marketing and international projects.

LEAM Développement et Gestion de Projets (France)

Society through the skills and experience of its staff assists with the processing of European projects and selecting the appropriate option to finance them. Performs activities from filing the assessment of quality in accordance with the criteria of the program.

The company operates in the following sectors:

  • Environment and sustainable development,
  • Education and lifelong learning,
  • Care for Youth,
  • Social and professional integration,
  • The development of cultural and economic activities.

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Majora s. r .o. (Czech republic)

MAJORA personnel agency operating in the HR consulting since 1996. Many years of practice and experiences enable them to provide professional services on the highest level.

Activities are focused towards an individual approach to particular candidates and their quality assessment. The offer includes other services related to the management of human resources. Performs psychodiagnostics existing and potential future employees, personnel audits, surveys of corporate culture, employee satisfaction surveys and more.

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Mentor Training S. A. (Greece)

This organization is one of the most important educational centers in Greece, offering courses in computer, science and telecommunications technology, management, culture, tourism, mass media etc.

MENTOR is involved in programs and initiatives of the European Commission to develop and implement new learning methods such as open distance learning and e-learning. MENOTR provides business consulting services for entrepreneurs and local authorities in relation to corporate training, implementation, and implementing education policy studies on employment, etc.

The organization deals with the integration of disadvantaged people in the labor market, implementation of new technologies and training techniques, development of new alternative forms of business in the fight against unemployment and the production of printed and electronic materials to promote employment.

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Orfeus o. s. (Czech republic)

ORFEUS is a civic association for the disabled. Provides services to needy people and trying to meet the practical idea of balancing the opportunities for disabled people by providing services of the Center, daily, personal assistance, enabling preferential road transport, exhibition and professional organizations, events, and active work in the legislative field.

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Soros Internationa House (Lithuania)

The organization began to operate its business in 1993 and now is one of the most important language schools in Vilnius. Taught the following foreign languages: English, Lithuanian to foreigners, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedih, Norwegian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and others.

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SREP – Sociatea Romana pentru Educatie Permanenta (Romania)

Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning education was founded in 2001. The main objective of the organization is to ensure universal access to lifelong learning and improving skills and competencies necessary for the sustainability of the company.

This will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Increase participation in the learning process and improve the evaluation criteria
  • Develop methods of teaching and education to ensure the quality of the educational process,
  • Ensure proper conditions so that every citizen should have easy access to quality information about learning opportunities in Romania and across Europe,
  • Ensuring adequate opportunities for lifelong learning needs of society.

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SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education (Cyprus)

Center for Research and Education is an innovative center, active in research, adult education and training. Develops and provides innovative courses for adults, aimed to teach adults to goals-seeking behaviour and active and productive life.

Research is focused on topics such as education, employment and social side of life, as well as providing high-quality research on issues important to business, public sector and government organizations.

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Tempo Training & Consulting s. r. o. (Czech republic)

Tempo T & C is a training center engaged in training program to enhance the managerial and entrepreneurial activities, also provides retraining and language courses for entrepreneurs, managers, people with disabilities, the unemployed, vulnerable group of women, etc.

Provides computer training and PC courses for users and professionals. It also co-operate in educational research and implementation of European projects under the European Union, which has the opportunity to promote its concept.

The company is involved in partnership projects Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates and anticipate further involvement in future projects.

Provides services in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Preparation and implementation of national and international projects financed from EU funds,
  • Recruitment,
  • Personnel and project consultancy.

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Znanie Association (Bulgaria)

Znanie Association is a non-profit organization whose main priority is to provide learning opportunities to develop non-formal and lifelong learning to everyone, regardless of his personal background, ethnic, social or religious origin.

Its activity is divided into three areas:

  • Education and training
  • Analytical and advisory services
  • Teaching techniques
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  • 29.9.2014PROACT newsletter 2
  • The final conference of the PROACT project was held in Bordeaux. You can find more information about this conference in a report below. Please download here.

  • 17.7.2014PROACT newsletter
  • Project PROACT has issued its first Newsletter. Inside you can find general information about the project as well as project updates. Please download here.

  • 15.3.2014ProAct partners Meeting in Ostrava
  • There was held a project partners meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic, 10th – 11th March 2014. Goal of the project is to transfer French methodology DLA to the other countries participating in ProAct. The DLA methodology is the tool for diagnosis of NGOs and strengthening their management. The aim of meeting in Ostrava was to evaluate what was done so far and mainly to discuss the plan for following months. These are going to be crucial for the project as the trainings and sessions with NGOs are starting. NGOs will have chance to evaluate their organisation and get professional help with strengthening their internal processes and management. At the end of training, each of the organisations will get the certificate which confirms their participation in the ProAct project. Another main topic of this meeting was the final conference, which will take place in September 2014 in Boerdaux. At the conference, there will participate not only project partner organisations but also local National Agency, city representatives and other NGOs from the region. For those there will be prepared several workshops.

  • 7.1.2014Training of methodology in project PRoAct
  • ProAct project meeting was held in Bordeaux, France 7th – 11th October. Its purpose was to pass the methodology of diagnostic tool from French partner to others. This tool is also one of the main outcomes of this project. The main aim of this meeting was to introduce and show the work with an innovative diagnostic tool to other members of partnership who are to implement it later in their own countries. DLA methodology was developed in order to improve work efficiency and management in non-profit organizations due to their mission and also to teach NGO’s managers how to adapt to ongoing contextual changes. The cornerstone of the methodology is a diagnostic tool mentioned above which has the form of a detailed questionnaire. Consultants are able to detect the current state of the institution and on its basis then create a set of recommendations to improve the situation. These are then passed to the representatives of the organisation and also explained during personal consultations. Within the five-day meeting French partners presented the entire methodology to the rest of partnership and partners also could try it out in two local non-profit organisations. A great contribution to the understanding of the process was also examples of good practise presented by people from non-profit organisations, which in the past were helped by DLA.

  • 30.9.2011At this place we would like to inform you about the termination of international project PRODEV: Project Management for Community Development workers. The main objective of this project was to design and implement the training courses for community development workers both in the Czech Republica and in other European countries. More detailed information and project outputs you can find at project web site

  • 31.5.2011On 31. 5. 2011 in the frame of project All Colors of Rainbow was realized two games in the SVČ Tymy Všetuly and Children and Youth House Uherský Brod. The main aim of these games was to improve communication skills of children and to contribute self-knowing in the group and understanding of reciprocity and individual diversity.

  • 19.5.2011On 19.5. 2011 in the frame of project Multicultural Education has been started fourth cycle of seminars and games within the topic of refugees in the Czech Republic. First lecture was realized for pupils of 9th class in primary school ZŠ Ohrada Vsetín. On 24. 5. was the lecture and project day in primary school ZŠ UNESCO Uherské Hradiště.
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